The Tips Are Back (sort of)

The Delphi Tips section of the old site didn't survive the redesign and move to the new host. I moved the the tips onto GitHub to prevent them from being lost.

Well, now they're back, after a fashion. Not just yet, but as a GitHub pages micro-site. Check it out at

There's no search as yet, but all 234 tips are there.

I do intend to reintegrate the site into one day, but given how much needs doing with the new site, who knows when that'll be.

So if anyone wants to improve the micro site, please fork delphidabbler/delphi-tips and code away!


  1. I would have rather used markdown files for the tip files.

    pdf are binary, so are hard to diff/maintain with git, which favors text files.

    And .md files have good rendering on github.

  2. Hi Armaud

    The PDFs were done in a hurry when I thought the site was closing - I agree they're far from ideal but very easy to generate 234 of them !!

    There are also HTML files which are more accessible and of course, editable.

    If I was starting now I would agree with you and would probably have gone down the markdown route when creating them, but the tip section was originally created well over 10 years ago when I'd never heard of markdown! Big job to convert everything now, so we're stuck with HTML I'm afraid.

    Unless anyone wants to give it a go that is!!


  3. Makes perfectly sense.


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