Aaargh - Another BAD CodeSnip Bug - Now Squashed

You couldn't make this up.

No sooner had I released CodeSnip 4 release candidate 2 to correct a nasty bug relating to snippet display names than I read a comment in the blog about another new, and even worse, bug.

This one affects clean installs of CodeSnip, i.e. installs where there was no previous version of the program installed.

It would either crash on start-up or to look into a permanent loop using a lot of processor time. Bad because it means no new users could install it. This bug goes back to beta 2.

I've rushed out a patch for this problem - CodeSnip 4 release candidate 3. You can get this on SourceForge or download it direct from my website.

If you are using any of the betas or release candidates you really SHOULD update now.

I find it strange that no-one has reported this until now, and that I didn't find this bug while testing the installer. But at least it got reported before the final version gets released - big thanks to the anon reporter. I guess people using the betas tended to be existing users so the bug didn't show up.

I'm deeply embarrassed by this :-(


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