Online Code Snippets Database Reverts to Childhood

For a time now the web based Code Snippets Database has been lagging behind the CodeSnip program in the kinds of snippets it can understand and include in compilable units.

The compromise position was that it would display any snippet, but would not include some of them in compiled units. These included:

  • Overloaded functions and procedures
  • Simple types
  • Constants

CodeSnip 4 is due to make matters worse by introducing class / advanced record types and units, neither of which this venerable web app can handle.

It's a lot of work to bring the database up to date, so I've decided to replace it with an all-new Web 2.0 app. In the meantime, I've decided to restrict the old app to displaying only those snippets it understands. In effect, it is now compatible with the CodeSnip 2 way of handling the online database.

Sorry if this is inconvenient. If you need the full database, please download the latest version of CodeSnip, which can display everything and can also create units for all the snippet types.

One side effect of this is news items about new snippets that have been added to the database can't always provide a link that displays all the snippets if they include any that can't be displayed by the on-line database.
This is no longer the case: any snippet referenced in a news item is now displayed in a custom web page.


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