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When updating the Code Snippets Database, I have always maintained compatibility with all versions of my CodeSnip program: as many snippets as possible have been available in all versions of CodeSnip.

As CodeSnip has developed, and more and more features have been added, supporting them all has become something of a burden.

So I've decided to stop releasing snippets that support CodeSnip v2 and earlier from the end of the year.

This means that, as of 1st January 2013, any new snippets added to the database will not be visible in CodeSnip v2 and earlier. Existing snippets will continue to be available - I'm not planning to take anything down that's already there.

If you're one of the few remaining users of the early CodeSnip versions it's really time to update.

There are differences between snippets used in CodeSnip v3 and the new v4, but these are much easier to manage, and so all snippets will continue to be available for both versions, unless they need the new features introduced in v4, such as units, class types etc.


  1. Anonymous7:10 pm

    At start I receive:

    Faulting application CodeSnip.exe, version 3.999.1.206, faulting module CodeSnip.exe, version 3.999.1.206, fault address 0x00007b37.

    This happens on Windows Server 2003 / Windows 7

  2. Oh *?!*?!

    Thanks for reporting that. I've found the problem and will be rushing out a patch ASAP.

    Watch the blog where I'll post a notice as soon as the patch hits the streets.

    I've placed you report in the bug tracker on SourceForge.

  3. Fixed it - see this post for discussion and download links.


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