DelphiDabbler Code Library finally moves from SVN to Git

The last of my projects holding out in a Subversion repo has finally made the move to Git.

What was once the DDabLib project on SourceForge is now being developed in Git as the delphidabbler/ddablib project on GitHub.

At least for the time being, releases are still hosted on SourceForge - see the Files tab - and bugs and feature requests are still using the SourceForge Ticket System . EDIT: I've now moved the bug /feature requests over to GitHub Issues.

The SVN repo will remain in place as an archive, but will not be updated any further.

The library's documentation has been maintained on GitHub for a while now in the delphidabbler/ddab-lib-docs project. I haven't decided yet whether to merge that into ddablib or to leave it be.

The GitHub repo still looks a bit "Subversiony". Things still need some tidying up.


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