System Information Unit v5.9.0 released

I've just updated my system information unit with the following changes to the operating system detection class TPJOSInfo:

  1. Updated to detect the new Windows 10 version 22H1 preview.
  2. Changed Windows 11 RSPRERELESE build 22509 to report "Windows 11 Insider Preview" instead of "Windows 11 Version 21H2". More info.
  3. Fixed a problem where Windows Server was being reported as Windows 2019 Server. It seems that a couple of Windows Server releases between Windows 2019 Server and Windows 2022 Server did not include the year number in the release name. This meant introducing a new TPJOSProduct.osWinServer product type. More info.
The demo programs were also updated to report the newly added Windows Server product where detected.

You can get the new version from my website or direct from SourceForge (direct download link). 


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