Version Information Manipulation DLL gets an update after 15 years!

I've been going through my repositories on GitHub trying to decide which ones have had their day and need archiving and which ones to keep.

The Version Information Manipulation DLL was on its way to the project afterlife when I realised that one of my other projects could use its code. So it got a reprieve.

Since the project was last updated in 2007 and was compiled with Delphi 7 it obviously needed a bit of work to make sure I didn't break anything by switching to a Unicode compiler. Any how, after recompiling with Delphi 11, tweaking some code that assumes SizeOf(Char) = 1, adding a missing method and testing thoroughly, v1.1 is finally here.

So what does it do? If reads raw, binary version information data that's been extracted from an executable or resource file, let's you edit it, and writes out a binary in the correct format for bundling into a resource file. Given that the Windows API does the reading bit then why bother? Well, some compilers don't write the version resource in quite the right way and the API routine won't read them. This library will.

It's quite, well very, nay extremely niche and I can't imagine too many people want it, but here it is! I have an unhealthy fascination with version info resources and have written all sorts of code based around them. My Version Information Editor being one!

If you're that rare breed of person who wants it, you can download it from GitHub.

Oh, did I mention there's a user guide and a couple of demo programs too. I've had time on my hands and been trying to distract myself from a painful infection following a wisdom tooth extraction 🤒


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