Released v2.1.0 of the PasHi Pascal Syntax Highlighter

Five years to the day from the release of PasHi v2.0.0 I've just released v2.1.0. And, no, I didn't plan it that way.

More like I forgot about the program for half a decade until I needed it again!

PasHi is a command line Pascal syntax highlighter and it's accompanied by a separate GUI front end program.

The mode I use it in most of the time is to highlight code placed on the clipboard and write the result back to the clipboard. I mainly write HTML code fragments that can be pasted into an HTML4, 5 or XHTML documents. Occasionally I use it to write complete HTML files.

The project is on GitHub as delphidabbler/pashi and the program installer for the latest release is also on GitHub as Release 2.1.0.

More info from my website.


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