New search facility on the Delphi Tips micro-site

Ever since the old closed last year and moved to its new home on Creo Hosting (thanks guys), the Delphi Tips part of the site never got properly re-established. Instead it got parked on GitHub Pages as

One of the things that was lost in moving from a PHP driven site to Jekyll was the custom search.

I've no made partial amends  by putting a Google powered search bar on each page. Of course you do get the usual advertising crap, but the results below the adverts seem to be returning some useful information from the micro-site.

Still no new tips though! Anyone who wants to contribute please create an issue on the delphidabbler/delphi-tips project and upload your tip. I'll work through it and covert it to the appropriate format. One day I might enable Markdown formatted tips to be posted, but don't hold your breath"


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