SSL Errors on Everything's Cool(ish)

The Chrome browser on my Android tablet reported a problem with the security certificate on this morning (2021/10/04 06:50 GMT).

Neither my Android phone nor my PC reported such errors a little later. Neither did my tablet when I tried Firefox.

Anyhow I've checked with to check and the certificate was OK at 07:57 GMT (12:57 PST). was fine too.

Anyhow - if you're getting the same error be assured everything seems to be now cool! If in doubt use instead - or even the mirror on

UPDATE 1: Just (09:23 GMT) received a similar error while using Subversion to commit a change to SourceForge. Like my site, the problematic certificate was issued by Lets Encrypt!. Could there be a problem with that service? Service status shows normal & the last reported problem was high demand on 1 October, but it does seem a bit of a coincidence!

UPDATE 2: Uwe Raabe has pointed out that there's a known issue with Let's Encyrpt since the start of October 2021. They're working on an update, but it's not clear how long this will take. Thanks Uwe. See what Let's Encrypt say.

Please comment if you're getting the problem in a day or so's time.


  1. There are known problem with Lets Encrypt certificates on some platforms since October 1st, 2021. See here for more details:

  2. Uwe

    Thanks v much for that.

    Updated the blog post with that info



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