Promoting Delphi developers & applications?

The other day I was approached by a developer to ask if I would feature his application on my blog.

I'd not done this before but, after some thought, I decided I would. If I can help promote the Delphi community in my own small way then why not?

The upshot is I'm publishing a blog post about Deleaker, a memory leak tracker and profiler, in the next couple of days.

So I thought "why not offer to do this again for other developers?" Open source or commercial, I don't mind. Applications or libraries, either is fine. But it's got to be either written in Delphi or useful to Delphi developers. A profile of Delphi developers would also be considered.

I'd prefer to help publicise small teams and single handed developers who don't have large advertising budgets, but that's not an absolute rule.

And no, I don't want paying! Not unless you're Microsoft et al. Then large wheelbarrows of £50 notes would be more than acceptable.

I'm thinking of two different kinds of post.

Short informational posts

These would be based on press-releases or similar information provided by the developer.

Just send me your info and, if I think it's relevant for this blog, I'll publish it. I reserve the right to edit as I see fit.

Three or four paragraphs & a picture would be ideal.

Longer deep dives

In deep dives I'll write about how I used the program and run through some of its key features. Yep, I'll write it. No regurgitated press releases or advertorials in the deep dives! Guidance notes are fine, but I have editorial control.

For these features I'd require access to a full version of the program and sufficient time to play with it. Of course for open source, that's no problem. For a commercial program a license (time limited if you like) or completely unrestricted demo would be needed. I would be happy to guarantee I'd delete the program once I'd published the post.

I can only handle about one deep dive every two months.

Let's address the elephant in the room right now. Would I expect or accept an ongoing full commercial license for free? Expect: no. Accept: yes, I don't make money out of this blog or, so why the hell not! But if I had such a gift I would disclose it in the blog post for transparency. And such a consideration would not bump the product up any queue of pending posts. Good, the elephant has left the building.

What next?

If you're interested I'd prefer it if you would create an issue on the GitHub delphidabbler/blogs repo. You can also leave a comment below or send me a message on Twitter - @delphidabbler.  But be warned I don't look at Twitter very often - keeps me sane!

If there's any interest, I'll make a start soon. The next deep dive would be mid December 2021 and then mid Feb 2022, Apr 2002 and so on.

And if there's no interest, then no harm done. The offer remains open.

First come were HelpNDoc - that's got the December 21 slot.

Here comes the small print, writ large:

  1. First come, first served.
  2. Windows 10 and Android 9 & 10 platforms only please.
  3. Unless you're Embarcadero, don't send me anything that has a non-disclosure agreement attached to it. Anything I receive must be cleared for publication there and then.
  4. No guarantees about acceptance or publication dates.
  5. No warranty of accuracy. Developers may correct errors or challenge opinions via the comments.


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