The System Information Unit Now Detects Windows 11

Probably the quickest I've ever added support for detecting a new version of Windows to the System Information Unit. But that's because most of the work was done last month and I just needed the build number to be finalised.

It's a long time since MSs versioning made any sense at all. This time it's even stranger.

Windows 11 is version 10.0

You know like Windows 10 is version 10.0!

Well that makes sense. The only difference is in the build numbers - Win 10 goes as far as build 19044 so far. Windows 11 pre-releases start at 21996. Even stranger is that the Win 11 release hasn't even got its own build number - it's revision 1094 of build 22000 as far as I can see from reading MS documentation.

Does that give an indication of how much of an update MS think Windows 11 actually is?

  • More info about the System Information Unit on my website.
  • Download the new version 5.7.0 from SourceForge.


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